A 6 Week Course to Grow your Following + make you Magnetic to your Ideal Clients

Do you wish you could be 100% you, while making 💸💸💸 in your sleep?

Just imagine..

🌟 Being well known and admired in your niche

🌟 New clients approaching YOU daily (instead of you chasing them!)

🌟 Total peace of mind that the money is flowing in

🌟 Being able to relax and focus on what matters

Right now Instagram is making you feel.. 😵 🤬 🤒

😭 You've been spending waaaay too much time on Insta

😰 You're clients are drying up

😩 Your posts are getting tumbleweed

😤 Your followers are stuck or falling

😕 And you're starting to think 'is this is?!'

But you've been trying SO hard!

⚡ You've read the blogs and tips, but it's confusing

⚡ You schedule posts sporadically, but they're not converting and you wonder if it's worth it

⚡ You engage when you can,  but it's more shotgun than laser focused

⚡ You know marketing is important, but you can't help but feel like you're wasting time

I know how frustrating it can be - I've been there!

I started out with..


❌ Less than $100 in the bank

❌ And was literally living in a yurt, in the middle of a field in Spain!

After my epiphany..

💸 In my 1st month I made $490 (I was stoked!)

💸 2 years later I hit my first $10,000 month (even more stoked!)

💸 And I'm now the proud owner of a 6-figure business

So what happened? If you've got 2 mins here's my story..

When I left my 9-5 in 2013 I had BIG dreams of creating my own business, but the learning curve was steep. And after lots of mistakes, I found myself living in a yurt in the middle of Spain with less than $100 in my bank account (Eeeek!!).


I had no entrepreneurial experience and was pretty naive when it came to business. I thought it would be easy.. everyone else was talking about their 5-figure months and heart-led businesses, so why was I finding it so hard?


I'd totally given up my old life, and my new one hadn't quite crystalized yet. I was tentatively living between 2 worlds, knowing I didn't want to go back to the old one.. but not quite able to grasp on the new one.


So what changed?


I had the epiphany I'm sure many new entrepreneurs do, and I realized I'd been going about it ALL wrong.


I'd left my 9-5 to be free.. but because I knew next to nothing about business I'd been giving my power away. I'd taken every cookie cutter program I could get my hands on, and was so worried about what I thought I 'should' do, that I totally forgot about what I wanted to do.


I'd forgotten my why.


Why did I quit my 9-5 job? Why did I want to create my own business?


The freedom I was seeking wasn't about money, or proving anything. The freedom I wanted was simply to be me.


I wanted to be at cause in my life.


To study and learn about the things I was passionate about. To serve people with my whole personality. To create a life and business around myself and my schedule. To wear pajamas in the daytime if I wanted to.. or tutus on a Tuesday.. or take time off to travel wherever (and whenever) I wanted.


No asking anyone else for permission. No being answerable. No censoring those parts of myself that were 'too' something.


I wasn't born to maintain the status quo. And if you're reading this I don't think you were either.


So I decided right then to stop listening to other people, and instead start creating my life and business from the inside out.


I took small inspired actions, and I within 2 years I'd built a 6-figure business helping people to tap into their biggest asset; themselves.


THIS is the secret of social media marketing. It's obvious! But so often missed.


Maybe you can relate..


🙁 Maybe you feel like the joy has been sucked out of your biz, and it's just not feeling good anymore

🙁 Maybe you feel backed into a corner, and are more confused than ever

🙁 Maybe you feel like giving into the 9-5 machine is the only option


It's not. There is another way. 


If you're ready to carve out a new path..

🧞‍♀️ One that places YOU at the center of your life and business..

🧞‍♀️ One that attracts your ideal clients with ease..

🧞‍♀️ One that makes you money in your sleep..


Then I'm here for you.

So.. what the heck do I know about Instagram you ask?

During my years running a Social Media Biz I've..


🌟 Gained my clients a combined total of 931,000+ new followers (that's nearly 1 Million REAL people from REAL engagement strategies)

🌟 Created 5,300+ Instagram posts

🌟 Researched 300+ sets of hashtags

🌟 Worked with 320+ unique clients and niches

🌟 Given 1000+ hours of business coaching


I love helping solo-entrepreneurs amplify their message and serve people. And lately I've been getting so many questions about Insta.. that I wanted to distill ALL my knowledge into one step-by-step online course.


There's been some BIG changes on Instagram lately, but if you do it right (with my step-by-step system) it will gift you a steady flow of clients, and a solid community that will be praising you for years to come.


90% of my bookings come from Insta.


It just works.

Instagram is for the people!

And I want to help YOU and your business shine, so you can serve the world with ease, grace, and a big smile on your face 🤗

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A 6 Week Course to help Solo-preneurs become Magnetic to your ideal clients + make money in your sleep.

Money Making U$P

Discover your archetype, micro-niche, and unique viewpoint that makes you magnetic to your ideal clients.

Killer Branding

Create a beautiful shop window into the heart of your biz. One that converts, and makes your clients lifelong customers.

Customer Journey

Carve out an irresistible path from your posts to your big $$$ offerings, with lots of fun detours and $ along the way.

Content Bliss

Learn how to brainstorm unique content for your niche so you ALWAYS have something to shout about. Write captions that convert, and schedule like a boss.

Hashtag Secrets

Master my secret hashtag researching strategy to maximize your views. And create your own list of 90 tags you can mix and match.

Grow a 10k Followers

Attract followers in your sleep in as little as 10 mins a day (no automation needed!). The exact strategies I used to gain my clients a combined total of 931,000 followers!

The Deets

Here's exactly what you'll receive each week..

Week 1 - Your U$P

🦄 Discover your unique archetype

🦄 Carve out your superniche

🦄 Develop your authentic laser view point (you're medicine for the people!)

🦄 And translate it into a money making U$P the makes you magnetic to your ideal clients



Week 2 - Your Brand

🦋 Create a one-of-a-kind world for your clients to journey through

🦋 Develop your branding inspiration sheet, complete with colors, vibe, energy, voice, topics and more!

🦋 Craft a killer bio that converts

🦋 Biz or Personal account (choose which one for your niche)


Week 3 - Your Customer Journey

🔮 Learn the 4 key steps to creating an effortless sales funnel 

🔮 Craft a signature journey that taps into your clients dreams, and transforms them with your unique medicine

🔮 Use my call to action blueprint to maximize your conversions

🔮 Discover how to use the link in your bio to supercharge your $$$ 

Week 4 - Content + Posting

🗝️ Learn the art of content brainstorming so you never run out of ideas

🗝️ Use my caption writing blueprint for effortless copy writing (while sharing wisdom that sells!)

🗝️ Learn how to use the No.1 scheduling tool for Insta

🗝️ Discover the art of picture sharing + creating so you've always got 100's of beautiful images on hand


Week 5 - Hashtag 101

🧞‍♀️ Learn my behind the scenes (never-before-shared) strategy for researching the best hashtags for any niche (sneaky tips galore!)

🧞‍♀️ Create your own list of 90 #'s that you can mix and match for the next 3 months

🧞‍♀️ Get your content in front of the people who need it most!


Week 6 - Grow Your Tribe

🧘🏼‍♀️ Map out your own unique engagement strategy to attract potential clients (not competitors!)

🧘🏼‍♀️ Learn my secret 3:2:1 formula to supercharge your account growth

🧘🏼‍♀️ Master the art of growing your account by 20+ niche targeted followers per day (in just 10 mins a day)

🧘🏼‍♀️ Maintain and inspire your current followers with my client nurturing strategies


Sign up now!

And you'll get immediate access to Module 1

Video #1 Crafting Your Money Making USP

Video #2: Discovering Your Unique Archetype

Video #3 Carving Out Your Magnetic Superniche

Video #4 Crafting a Killer Brand That Lights You Up

Video #5 Your Driving Personal Motivators

Video #6 Creating Your Vision & Brand Board

Video #7 Your Signature 4 Step Customer Journey

Video #8 Mapping your Call To Action Masterlist

Video #9 Content & Scheduling Tutorial with Planoly

Video #10 Crafting a Killer Bio that Converts

Video #11 Content Mapping & Caption Creation

Video #12 Where & How to Source Beautiful Pictures

Video #13 Graphic Design Tutorial - Canva & Wordswag

Video #14 Creating Your Engagement Strategy

Video #15 Your Daily Engagement Tutorial

Video #16 Hashtag 101 & Research Strategy

Video #17 Your Audience Nurturing Strategies

What's the course like?

Think you.. your bestie.. and getting down to the nitty gritty of your Self.. your Biz.. and your Dreams.. while creating a world where you can BE YOURSELF and make $$$ doing what you love most.

🌟 You'll receive access to Module 1 immediately, then a new module each week

🌟 It's self-paced so you can take your time

🌟 It's FUN. If it wasn't, I wouldn't do it!

🌟 It's EASY.. this is to make your life happier, not harder

🌟 You'll get lifetime access

🌟 A course with heart that puts YOU at the center of your biz

🌟 Playbooks, videos and high fives galore!


You'll LOVE this course if..

🌟 You're a solopreneur with a calling or gift to share

🌟 You're a rebel and like to think outside of the box (wait.. there's a box?!)

🌟 You're willing to dive deep into your self and your calling

🌟 You're ready to share your offerings with the world and get paid 💸💸💸 for it


This course is NOT for you if..

🌟 You're not ready to do the inner work needed (it's fun I promise!)

🌟 You want all the work done for you (I make it super easy and hold your hand every step of the way, but you have to walk along with me)


Here's what my clients have to say..

"I’ve been going through your Instagram course (week 2 now) and I have to say how amazed I am at your quantum perspective on the subject of marketing. It is quite a welcome surprize and makes me think this is not an accident; you are very good at attraction marketing. So I'm very excited to be working with you, thanks again!"

Joel K. Epps

"My IG had terrible engagement and we didn't have a real strategy for it. After implementing everything from your audit, that all changed and I'm really pleased with how our IG is growing. I've received a rapid increase in followers and engagement. I started at 11.2k in Jan when I found you and as of March, we have 14.1k. Everything you suggested in the audit is working, you are very thorough and explain things very well."

Gwen Jimmere

"I just wanted to share that I got my first two sales from Instagram today!!! Wooohoooo! You are doing such an amazing job putting me in front of my audience. I am so so grateful for you! Thank you so much for all the work you are doing!"

Irene Meiller

"Since working with you I've increased my following and gained confidence to design my feed. You answer all my questions very well, and try hard to explain the mind boggling world of Instagram as best as possible to me. Thank you! I had a feeling that you would be brilliant when I came across you x"

Kate Janach

"You are like my secret Instagram assassin."

Briana Cooksey

"You're a delight to work with, fast, accommodating, diligent! 10/10!!! You rock!"

Monica Auslander

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the people that you are engaging with and bringing to my page!"

Betty Larrea

Don't Miss Out..

I've poured my heart and soul into this course, giving you ALL of the secrets, strategies and tools you need to create an authentic on-point Insta that will make you MAGNETIC to your ideal clients and attract abundance with ease.


Lovely.. I can't WAIT to see your little ray of sunshine blossom on Insta. All the accounts you see with the 'perfect' (this) or the 'perfect' (that).. they don't mean diddly squat. During this course we're going to dive deep into your heart and soul, and create a world where you can be 100% you, AND get paid for it. Instagram is for the people; and if you're real - your light will shine brighter than 99% of the accounts you use to compare yourself to.

Absolutely. Instagram is like a big client generating system, and even if you don't have a free op-tin, or an offering (or even a website!) the best time to start generating a tribe of people hungry for what you have to offer - is NOW. I can't stress this enough. If you start cultivating your following now, you'll be SO pleased in 6 months time when you launch.

No. Sign up now. I'll tell you why..

🌟 I won't be offering this course at this super low rate again, so grab it while you can.

🌟 You'll receive life time access, so you can take it at your own pace (when and wherever you are in your business) - plus you can do it over again anytime you change directions.

🌟 As an alumni you'll also receive free access to all future updates of this course. So lock in this price while you can.

This system will make your workload SO much lighter. I've created a 6-figure business solely on Instagram and I know it like the back of my hand. I've created a simple seamless system (through countless trial and error), and you get it all laid out in EASY actionable steps. If it wasn't fun, I wouldn't do it! ðŸ¤—

A little about me (if ya wanna know!)..

Hello! I'm Alex..

11 things you might not know about me..

🌈 I was born and raised in sunny south west London. I did my DNA profile recently and came up 90% British / Irish and 10% Scandinavian.. which means.. yep, you guessed it - I’m 10% Viking!!

🌈 A few years ago I met the love of my life and now live in sunny south west Eugene, Oregon ðŸ¤—

🌈 I’ve been (mostly) vegan for 9 years

🌈 We have 2 little pet ratties 🐭🐭 called Sherlock and Columbo (named after the best detectives of all time!)

🌈 When I was a kid I loved the TV show Quantum Leap, and could recite the entire intro at top speed in one breath (probably more impressive when my lungs where half the size they are now) - ðŸ¤“ or ðŸ˜Ž you decide



🌈 I love tea (I'm British y'all!) and collect tiny little vintage tea cups (that I never drink out of because I can’t fit enough tea in said cup) - if you ever come across a quart sized tea cup let me know!

🌈 My parents have been married 6 times between them and even though I grew up as an only child I’m now blessed with 1 sister, 2 brothers, and extra mums and dads galore! ðŸ¤—

🌈 When I was 19 I spent 3 months living in the Belize jungle (sleeping in hammocks, washing in rivers, and 💩 in holes)

🌈 I’m as woo as they come and you'll find my house strewn with candles, crystals, pendulums, oracles cards, esoteric books and 'imaginary' friends

🌈 I have a degree in English Lit and a Masters in Human Rights. I was accepted to do a PhD, but couldn’t find the elbow patches to match my unicorn bag, so I set out in search of a bigger box

🌈 I secretly want to live in a cabin in the woods and read books all day (INFP / Projector alert!) ðŸ¤«

Wanna be friends and create your own #Level10 Insta?!

I'm so excited!!!! Come and join me for my 6 weeks (never before seen!) Insta course at my super low $297 offer 👇👇👇

#Level10 Insta will help you..

🌟 Grow your following by 20+ new niche targeted followers a day

🌟 Become the go-to expert in your niche

🌟 Have clients approach YOU daily (instead of you chasing them)

🌟 Increase your sales, and sign up clients in your sleep

🌟 Build a life and biz around YOU

🌟 Relax and focus on what matters

$297 for Instant Access to Module 1


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